Chester Marathon

Chester Marathon is billed as a fast and predominantly flat marathon, a claim which persuaded Peter Harris to run his first marathon for 14 years!



Peter Harris time was 3:46:50 (1st MV65, ER MV65 record)

Peter was impressed by its striking location, great organisation, encouraging support from marshals and local communities en route, added touches like closed roads and first names printed large above the race number and most of all a great atmosphere throughout.

In-between the flat bits, there were four nasty hills, the worst two being from 20 to 22 miles (long) and 23 to 24 miles (rather steep), which made for a very uncomfortable few miles before the rousing approach to the finish.

Peter managed to hang on, through gritted teeth towards the end, to achieve his planned end time, with the unexpected bonus of coming in 1st MV65.

His wife reckons this is his last marathon, but Peter is not sure. He rated this as his most painful race ever but noted that his time guarantees a good-for-age place in the 2018 London Marathon, which really IS a fast, flat marathon…. There were 2,154 finishers.

Official Results: 1st Ben Fish 2:24:05 (Blackburn Harriers & AC), 40th Katie Jones 2:53:36 (Fife AC, 1st female), 702nd Peter Harris 3:46:50 (1st MV65, ER MV65 record).

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