Fenland 10

Windless conditions and an extra hour in bed helped to attract a large field, including 15 Ely Runners, for the Fenland 10 in Wisbech, which incorporated the County and EMAC 10 mile Championships.



Fenland 10

The star ER performer was Chrissie King, who was 1st FV55 and County Champion for her age group, whilst achieving AG 83.8% and a new ER FV55 record by over 8 minutes.

Other Ely Runners gained some very good times, aided by the favourable conditions and flat course. However, points for effort had to go to Matthew Mason for running the race ‘as a training run’ after completing the infamously hilly Beachy Head Marathon the day before, and he was rewarded with the MV45 EMAC silver medal.
Peter Harris and John Turner also received EMAC silver medals in their respective age groups, with the latter also improving his MV70 ER record.

There were 341 finishers. The race was won by James Bellward in 52:35 and 1st Lady was Phillipa Taylor in 1:04:23. Ely Runners results (chip times): 25th Lee Tatum 1:02:05, 50th Jason Mann 1:06:17, 78th Peter Royle 1:09:29, 93rd Barry Graves 1:11:45, 101st Chrissie King 1:13:00 (1st FV55, County Champion FV55 & ER FV55 record), 122nd Peter Harris 1:14:26 (2nd MV65 & EMAC MV65 Silver Medal), 124th Andrew Thompson 1:14:55, 127th Ian Blatchford 1:15:31, 140th Matthew Mason 1:17:01 (EMAC MV45 Silver Medal), 167th Lionel Smith 1:19:55, 173rd Justin Smith 1:21:03, 177th Caroline Brown 1:21:19, 219th Pawel Cwierz 1:26:27, 239th John Turner 1:28:56 (EMAC MV70 Silver Medal & ER MV70 record), 257th Gwen Graves 1:32:13.

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