Justin Smith wandered over to his neck of the woods on the 9th of April for the 2017 Haverhill Half Marathon; one of the races on offer as part of the Haverhill Running Festival.



This was a small race, but good training in preparation for a marathon in May. The course was a loop, leaving Haverhill, and leading through several villages, including Justin’s childhood village (Little Thurlow), then back to the Town.

On arrival in the morning, it was clear that it was going to be hot and exposed: a quick trip to the local superstore was made to get a cap.

After only two miles and having set out a little too quickly, it was obvious this was not going to be easy, as the course was exposed and it was warming up fast: even the wind was warm!

This part of Suffolk has some hills, including the steep and sudden one leading out of Withersfield, and the nasty hill leading out of Temple End. This slowed things right down! The organisation was great and the marshals were plentiful and friendly.

There was a decent enough medal, water, and a banana at the finish line. Justin got a little red from the sun! Suncream next time!

If you are looking for a smaller half marathon through the beautiful but hilly countryside, look out for this event in 2018!

Justin came in at 01:53:49 (happy enough given the heat and hills). 1st male was Rick Ebberson at 01:24:21. 1st lady was Kristy Guneratne at 01:37:52. There were 88 finishers.

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