The Ely New Years Eve 10K course is a fast, flat, one lap rural course starting in Main Street, Little Downham, then heading out towards Pymoor. You then run through Pymoor, back towards Little Downham. Full details on entry can be found at the official NYE10K website.


10K Elevation

NYE10K History

The 10k course was the idea of ex-member Chris Baker (currently working in the USA) who lived in Pymoor and used the route for training. This instigated the club’s first 10k Handicap race on 29th September 1996. It started and finished in Pymoor near to Chris Baker’s house. The winner was Darren Murfitt who received the new trophy from John Turner’s mother on her 90th birthday. Subsequently, the 10k Handicap started and finished in Little Downham.

Following a financial loss in the 1999 Grunty Fen Half Marathon, it was decided to hold an open New Year’s Eve 10k on the same course as the 10k Handicap. Fortunately, New Year’s Eve was on a Sunday in 1999 and the first event was inevitably successful. Since then, it has always been held on 31st December, irrespective of the day, to become one of the most popular races in the region.