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How To Run In The Heat



It seems to be a simple question, but the answer is complicated. Heat is a complex problem and it should be approached from several angles. Help is at hand…

The Best 10K Workout



This workout has to be the absolute best to prepare you for the distance. It’s not an easy workout and you probably can’t do it right away, so you’ll need to build up to it with the sequence of workouts outlined here, which, when combined with supplementary workouts, creates an exceptional training plan for your next goal 10K.

Run Fast With Strides



If strides aren’t a part of your weekly running routine, you’re missing out. These short bursts during a training run teach your body how to run faster.

The Art of Pacing by Feel



The key to a personal best is having the patience to control your first lap speed and match it closely with the remaining laps. This requires an athlete to develop the skill of pacing that will be built from experience.

Run The Perfect 10K



Even pacing, or better yet, negative splitting the race (running the second half faster than the first) is the best way to reach your sub 40min 10km. Here’s how.

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