Weekly Training – January to April 2018

Evening training runs are varied and enjoyable. Tuesday training consists of hill training (even in the Fens!), speed work, repetitions, and intervals. Thursday training is usually a longer steady run (with shorter options for beginners) around the City or into the surrounding countryside, depending on daylight. For members not racing on Sundays, training runs of various distances are often arranged for 9am from the Paradise Centre.

Ely Runners meet in the upstairs bar of The Paradise Centre in Newnham Street for 7pm.

Additional Information

Planned training sessions can be subject to change, depending on weather, ground conditions, visibility, numbers attending, and suitability for those present.

Audio Equipment: Members are reminded that audio equipment with earphones seriously inhibits the user from hearing traffic approaching from behind and warnings from others. The use of all such equipment is therefore NOT permitted during club training or races.

Members are reminded that they run/train with the club at their own risk.